Mission recommendations

There is no time limit! We encourage all our agents to take whatever time they need for their missions, explore carefully, and enjoy the company of their designated FDB agent.

Each Agent ID can be used on one device, so you can play it multiple times on the same device!

You can undertake this mission alone or with friends. We suggest each person plays on their own laptop, and you communicate amongst yourselves when you discover things.

If playing over video chat, we highly recommend headphones to avoid conflicting sounds(or having one person with sound on, and everyone else's muted).

Important technology stuff

Our mission comms require a desktop browser. They will not work on your primitive mobile devices.

The communication protocols from our timestream work in Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari

We are always working to improve our comms, but they may occasionally freeze up. Simply click on the green 'Refresh' button at the right of the screen to get them back online!

You WILL need to enable scripts and pop-ups in your browser.

If you close your browser, your progress will be stored - but do NOT clear your browser cache!

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